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World Tourism Day calls on rethinking the industry

This year’s World Tourism Day celebrated on 27 September focuses on the reconsideration about how we behave in tourism and how it is dealt with. The objective is sustainable and more inclusive tourism. It is time to start thinking differently, urges Maja Pak, the Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board.

In 2021, some eleven million tourist overnight stays were generated in Slovenia, of which almost 60 per cent were by domestic guests.

Foreign tourists from Germany, Austria and Italy generated the most overnight stays. Visitors to Slovenia appreciate the natural environment, personal safety and hospitality the most.

Slovenian sustainability destinations

On the list of the Top 100 Destinations Sustainability Stories announced at the Global Green Destinations Days 2021 are seven in Slovenia, i.e. Bohinj, the Logar Valley – Solčavsko, Rogla – Pohorje, Ljubljana, Miren Kras, the Soča River Valley and Ajdovščina.

Some 58 destinations and 107 tourist accommodation providers were awarded the Slovenia Green label for attaining sufficient sustainable tourism quality.

These include 34 hotels, 13 camps and 14 tourist farms, in which ten per cent of all overnight stays were generated in 2021. Half of these were attributed to domestic tourists and one quarter to tourists from Germany, the Netherlands and Austria combined.

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Slovenian tourism is facing a great transformation

The topic of this year’s World Tourism Day is closely linked with the realisation of the vision of Slovenian tourism by 2028, dictated by the new tourism strategy adopted this year, which calls for a green boutique appeal, a smaller environmental footprint and greater value for everyone, as highlighted by the Slovenian Tourist Board (STO). Special attention is also dedicated to those employed in tourism, as they create genuine and unique experiences.

»Tourism is facing what is probably its greatest challenges and transformation yet. To this end, we must approach its development responsibly and readily. It’s time to start thinking differently and more responsibly about the environment, society, employees and tourists,« said Maja Pak, the Director of the STO.

Matjaž Han, the Minister of Economic Development and Technology, stressed that Slovenia must develop year-round tourism and green and environmentally friendly tourism products. In doing so, it must promote innovation and creativity and apply modern technologies to boost productivity. »Professional management of tourism companies and efficient human resource management is critical for viability. Furthermore, a special emphasis on the inclusion of young people in hospitality and tourism professions must also be placed in the future,« was how the STO summarised the Minister’s statement.

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    The new tourism strategy calls for a green boutique appeal, a smaller environmental footprint and greater value for everyone. Photo: Wirestock Creators/

Events on the occasion of World Tourism Day

The central event will be a joint press conference of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the STO. A press conference is also being organised by Zavod za podjetništvo, turizem in mladino Brežice. The institution will showcase its past and future work in the field of tourism in Brežice and introduce the green certificates that encourage providers and destinations to apply sustainable practices.

Ljubljana Tourism organised a week of Ljubljana tourism with numerous activities and experiences. Maribor offers a tourist experience this Tuesday in the centre of the town with Jurček, the tourist train, which is organised by students of the Secondary School for Catering and Tourism Maribor.

In addition to showcasing the tourist offer in Ptuj, the Ptuj Tourist Association will present accolades on Tuesday, and visitors will be able to venture on a free guided tour of the town with the TravelAR application. Ptuj also invites the public to the traditional grape harvest of Blauer Kölner/Žametna Črnina, the descendant of the oldest vine in the world, including the Ranfol and Zierfandler varieties in the courtyard of Ptuj Castle.

Source: SURS, STA





Author: Danila Golob

Date: 27. September 2022

Time to read: 2 min