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Slovenia – a true green destination

"Be proud of your country and together make sure that five years from now you will be proud of what it has achieved in preserving its character and its green, clean, authentic offer for travellers," said the President of the Green Destinations international organisation, Albert Salman, to Slovenians a few years ago in Ljubljana. Slovenia was the first country to fulfil the international Green Destinations criteria and become the first green destination of the world. Several places in Slovenia have also been declared green destinations.

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Slovenia was rated the fifth greenest country by Yale University 

Among 180 countries, in 2016 Slovenia ranked fifth, following Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark, with regard to the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) calculated by Yale University. The results were presented at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.

The EPI is calculated according to the country’s activities in the care for human health and ecosystems.

Within these two areas the index evaluates the achievements of a country in ten categories on the basis of more than 20 indicators.

Slovenia presenting its best at the Dubai Expo

The World Expo to be probably held from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022 in Dubai is an opportunity for countries to present themselves with the best they have to offer.

The title of Slovenia's exhibit will be Slovenia – Green Smart Experience. The brand is not only aimed at tourism but also at entrepreneurship, technology, sports, science, culture and digital content.

These will be shown in the Smart Green Room, where emphasis will be put on wood, water and the green environment. Slovenia aims to present itself to visitors as a nation of inventors.

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24 new destinations and service providers with the Slovenia Green label

At last year's celebration of the Green Day of Slovenian Tourism promoting sustainable tourism practices, 24 new destinations and service providers were awarded the Slovenia Green label. There are now 88 holders of this label under the Slovenian green tourism scheme.

The Slovenian Tourist Board continues to pursue the aim of a 100 per cent green Slovenia. Slovenia is known around the world as a true green destination. The Slovenian green tourism scheme is a certification scheme integrating efforts for the sustainable development of tourism in Slovenia under the umbrella Slovenia Green label.

It provides tools for destinations and service providers to assess the current state and improve sustainable operation, while the awarded labels can help tourists who want to reduce their adverse impact on the environment make decisions.

The top five posts on Instagram usually include the images of Lake Bled, Ljubljana, Bohinj and the Soča River, while videos invite visitors to Slovenia as a destination for active, urban and wellness experiences.

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Ljubljana plants trees even in the middle of an epidemic

The City of Ljubljana is carrying out various activities to improve the environment even in the middle of the new coronavirus epidemic. One of these activities is tree planting. At the initiative of residents, two new avenues of trees have been planted in Bežigrad and Nove Fužine and the row of horse chestnuts at the Plečnik Market in the city centre is being revitalised.

The City of Ljubljana reminded the public that every spring, between World Water Day on 22 March and Earth Day on 22 April, the City of Ljubljana runs the For a More Beautiful Ljubljana spring campaign during which it, together with its residents, carries out many activities to keep the city clean and tidy.

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Slovenia on the National Geographic channel as a land of healthy waters

Last year, a four-month campaign was launched on the National Geographic channel for the promotion of Slovenia as a land of healthy waters. With this campaign, which ran on television programmes in Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy, the Slovenian Tourist Board aimed to raise awareness of Slovenia as a green and sustainable destination where visitors can experience exceptional natural beauty, including unspoiled water resources and healing waters.

All the holders of the Slovenia Green Destination quality brand are among the hundred most sustainable world destinations.

In addition to Slovenia, the greatest number of top sustainable destinations are in the Netherlands, Croatia, Portugal, Canada, Chile, China, Spain and Great Britain.

Author: Vesna Žarkovič

Date: 21. April 2020

Time to read: 2 min