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Treetop Walk - a stroll among birds and the Pohorje forests

The Treetop Walk Pohorje (Pot med krošnjami) is an innovative example of an experience offered in Slovenia that merges education, environmental awareness and fun for everyone. It is adapted for both children and wheelchair access.

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The Pohorje Treetop Walk is just over a kilometre long, and offers enjoyment of the fantastic views from a rare perspective. It gives visitors the feeling of being part of forest life. Along the way there are information stations, where you can learn about the features of the Pohorje environment. The geological characteristics of Pohorje and the flora and fauna that occupy this area are presented in several languages. For the more daring the adrenaline stations, a virtual abyss, offer added fun. Each year new content will be added to the Treetop Walk, and in the spring of 2020 a toboggan run around 40 metres long will be in place, offering a slide down from a tower back to the walkway.

In clear weather the view opens up to multiple Slovenian locations

The walkway leads to a 37-metre high viewing tower. From there you can see all the way to Olševa, Peca, Raduha and on to the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and Triglav. In the southern section you can see the entire slopes of Haloze and Boč, Donačka gora, Gorjanci, to the west Kum, the Posavje hills, Snežnik mountains including Učka, and all the way to the Adriatic Sea.

The path to the tower climbs up gently, enabling easy access for families with small children and wheelchairs. The amenities for disabled persons are especially nice.

They have the option of using a wheelchair if they are not up to hiking the walkway, and can obtain a one for free at the ticket office. Dogs are not permitted, and during your walk your pet will need to wait for you in the kennel by the entrance.

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Green tourism

In setting up the Pohorje Treetop Walk, the contractors were especially careful not to damage any of the big, beautiful trees. The desire was to intrude as little as possible into the actual forest. Next year they will plant seedlings of native tree species that grow on the Pohorje.

The Pohorje mountain area is working hard to develop its green tourism, and offers unique experiences, tranquillity and a connection to nature. On Mount Rogla, children will be fascinated by the Škrat (Dwarf) interpretive trail, the Jezernik trail and Jezernik water park. The unique Energy Park, with its healing stones and sensory trail will recharge you with zest for life, and reawaken a youthful energy and desire to discover and observe nature.

The forest is a highly complex ecosystem that provides a habitat for numerous plant and animal species. The forest is in effect its own world, which you can experience if you are quiet and walk through it.

Walking through the forest brings you into close contact with nature, and for that reason with yourself. So a stroll along the walkway through the tree tops is therapeutic.

A trip to the forest will calm you and fill you with vital energy. And when you walk alone, that contact is even more intense. Anyone who can appreciate the beauty of the forests will experience a new dimension of feelings on Rogla. You can also go on a walk with your family. In this way you can encourage your children to tune in to the forest. Together with them you can observe nature and the trees, and seek out the variety of living beings in the forest. The treetops are full of life, and will reward your close attention.

The Pohorje Treetop Walk is suitable for a visit at any time of year. It is lovely up on Rogla in the summer, when the temperatures are pleasant and a little lower than in the valley, and in the autumn when nature starts to wind down, as do we. Winter conjures up its fairy tale white covering, and the view of the snowy trees is magical. Spring comes a little later on Rogla than in the valley, but it heralds a new beginning and brings optimism. The Pohorje Treetop Walk will be open throughout the year, closed only at Christmas and for one day in November reserved for walkway maintenance. The opening hours of the walkway will be adjusted to the daylight hours. We recommend finding a time to visit when the walkway will not be so busy, so you can sense the tranquillity and fully experience the Pohorje Treetop Walk as it was intended.

Our family enjoyed it, both the children and adults, and will certainly be making the trip again. Perhaps next time we’ll see you there.

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    See you there. Photo: Pot med krošnjami Pohorje archives

Author: Tea Knaflič

Date: 1. November 2019

Time to read: 3 min