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Most tourist sites in Slovenia are safe to visit

According to the Slovenian Tourism Board (STO) most of the country's tourism destinations are safe to visit. The majority of the country was not severely affected and remains open for guests and visitors, the STO announces. However, some areas are still inaccessible, and road and rail connections are disrupted in some places.

“If you are currently spending your vacation in Slovenia or planning a trip to our beautiful country, we recommend that you monitor the current conditions and seek precise information from the destinations or accommodation providers where you intend to stay. Destinations and tourism providers are doing everything in their power to continue to offer guests safe and comfortable stay, and the best possible experience,” says the STO

Practical floods-related information for tourists is available at this link.

Road connections 


Bus connections 

The spa company Thermana Laško south of Celje and the campsites in the Savinja Valley in the north appear to have been hit hardest by the floods, reports the Slovenian Press Agency (STA).

For guests who have booked their summer holidays at the spa swimming has been organised at the nearby spas of Rimske Terme, Terme Olimia and Terme Zreče.

The damage sustained at campsites in the Savinja Valley is to be inspected.

The Kamnik Tourist Board said that most of the tourism and accommodation providers in this municipality north of Ljubljana are open for business, including the Terme Snovik spa complex and Slovenia Eco Resort. The Arboretum Volčji Potok reopened on Tuesday but there will be minor repairs there at times.

Hiking trails and mountain huts from the direction of Kamnik are closed for the time being but access is possible to the Menina Planina plateau. The Velika Planina plateau and the Kamniška Bistrica Valley and Črna Valley are inaccessible, along with the Tunjice glamping.

All tourism providers and sites are also open in Škofja Loka. The Selca Valley has not been affected by the floods, except for the Soriška Planina campsite, which is currently closed, the local tourist board said. They also advise against visiting the Poljane Valley and the town of Žiri, which was hit hard by the floods.

Before exploring Slovenia's beauties, STO strongly recommends checking destination websites or social media channels for updates or contact the accommodation providers.

Special note: Destinations and tourism providers are doing everything in their power to continue to offer guests safe and comfortable stay, and the best possible experience.

The most affected places are listed below. 
- CENTRAL SLOVENIA: Medvode, Kamnik and Velika Planina, Komenda, Idrija, Žiri, Škofja Loka
- ALPINE SLOVENIA: parts of Koroška, Upper Savinja Valley (Luče, Solčava, Ljubno ob Savinji, Gornji Grad, Nazarje, Rečica ob Savinji, Mozirje, Polzela)
- THERMAL PANNONIAN SLOVENIA: In some areas of Pomurje region, Mura river is also flooding.

 STO is advising against visiting the following destinations:  

  • Kamnik (Velika Planina, Kamniška Bistrica valley). 
  • Upper Savinjska Valley as a whole (Solčava, Luče, Ljubno, Nazarje, Mozirje, Gornji Grad...)
  • Koroška (Črna na Koroškem, Prevalje, Mežica, Dravograd...)
  • Koroška Bela
  • Also monitor the situation of the places along the Mura River.

In the case of already made reservations or planned vacation with providers in the destinations affected by the accident, contact the providers.

Hiking in the Slovenian mountains at this time is not advisable. Emergency services are heavily involved in rescue operations in flooded areas. Please monitor the weather forecast and follow the recommendations of the Mountaineering Association of Slovenia. Avoid going to the mountains if the conditions are unsuitable. Multiple hiking and mountaineering trails are closed or obstructed.

Stores are also open on sundays and holidays: During the post-flood intervention, shops with food, technical goods or children's equipment may also be open on Sundays and holidays. It is also allowed to extend the opening hours during the week, which will be determined by the shops themselves.


Source: STO, STA

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Date: 8. August 2023

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