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Floods in Slovenia

After the severe floods that affected parts of Slovenia last weekend, the situation is calming down. Most of the country has not been severely affected and remains open to guests and visitors.

Meanwhile, some places are still inaccessible and road and rail links are disrupted in some sections. If you are currently spending your holiday in Slovenia or planning a trip to our beautiful country, we recommend that you keep up to date with the current situation and contact the destinations or accommodation providers you are planning to stay with for detailed information.

Essential tips and advice for tourists during floods in SloveniaInformation for tourists

News from SloveniaThe Slovenian Press Agency (STA) has been reporting in detail about the devastating flooding that hit Slovenia and has also launched a special website with news on the disaster available in English. The news can be accessed free of charge.

Government of the Republic of Slovenia has published a special website with current news and instructions related to flood measures.

Photo: STA

Useful information

For accurate weather monitoring, check the Environment Agency of the Republic of Slovenia website.

They have a list of online tools like this one to check the current weather information

Situation on the roads – Traffic updates.

Public transport: Slovenian Railways and bus connections


The Protection and Rescue Administrative Unit of the Republic of Slovenia has issued comprehensive guidelines for dealing with flood-related emergencies and installing emergency flood defences.

Emergency call

When you dial 112, provide the following information:

  • Who is calling.
  • What happened.
  • Where it happened.
  • When it happened.
  • How many are injured.
  • What the injuries are.
  • What the circumstances at the scene are (fire, hazardous substances, damaged gas or other connections).
  • What help you need.

Photo: Anže Malovrh/STA

Author: UKOM

Date: 7. August 2023

Time to read: 2 min