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If you wish to help

If you would like to help people affected by floods in Slovenia you can do so by donating to Slovenian charities that have already started raising funds. It is recommended that all financial aid is collected through humanitarian organizations, as they are best equipped to distribute the funds to those in need. Donations are also collected in a special account of the national budget.

If an individual receives assistance from organizations that have the status of a humanitarian organization operating in the public interest in the fields of social or healthcare services, and from organizations that have the status of a disability organization operating in the public interest in the field of disability care, this aid is exempt from income tax payment.

Donations to a special account of the state budget

Donations for the recovery from floods can also be transferred to the budget of the Republic of Slovenia.

Donations to support flood relief from abroad
Account number, Budget of the Republic of Slovenia: SI56 0110 0600 0077 526
Donations are possible in EUR, CHF, GBP in USD
SEPA Payment Code: CHAR
No reference needed


Slovenian Karitas

Slovenska Karitas
Kristanova ulica 1
1000 Ljubljana
IBAN: SI56 0214 0001 5556 761
Reference: SI 00 624

Red Cross Slovenia

Mirje 19, 1000 Ljubljana
IBAN: SI56 0310 0123 4567 891 (open at SKB Banka d. d.)
Reference: 00 96875
Purpose: Ujma 2023
Code of purpose: CHAR

Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth

Zveza prijateljev mladine Slovenije
Dimičeva ulica 9, 1000 Ljubljana
IBAN: SI56 6100 0000 3512 232
Reference: SI00 245021
Code of Purpose: CHAR
Purpose: neurje /floods

Chain of Good People (Veriga dobrih ljudi)

Zveze prijateljev mladine Ljubljana Moste - Polje
Proletarska 1, 1000 Ljubljana
IBAN: SI56 3300 0000 1303 865, Addiko bank d.d.
Code of Purpose: CHAR
Purpose: pomoč prizadetim v poplavah / help relief after floods
Reference: SI00 750

ADRA Slovenia

HD ADRA Slovenija
Njegoševa 15, 1000 Ljubljana
IBAN: SI56 0284 3026 3945 425
Reference: SI00 2023
Purpose: NEURJE 2023
Code of Purpose: CHAR

Evagnelican humanitarian organisation - Podpornica

Evangeličanska humanitarna organizacija - Podpornica
Slovenska ulica 17, 9000 Murska Sobota
IBAN: SI56 0249 6008 9536 543
Purpose: POPLAVE 2023
Reference: SI00 2023-8
Code of Purpose: CHAR



Humanitarček published SMS donations for specifik firemen divisions::
PGD Pesje: PESJE5 na 1919
PGD Škrilje: SKRILJE5 na 1919
PGD Vinice - Zapotok: PGDVZ5 na 1919
PGD Tržič: PGDTRZIC5 na 1919
Gasilci Novo Mesto: GASILCINM5 na 1919
PGD Stara Loka: STLOKA10 na 1919
PGD Jesenice: PGDJESENICE5 na 1919
Enota za prvo pomoč gasilske zveze Vodice: EPP5 na 1919
PGD Podgorci: PODGORCI5 na 1919
PGD Veliki kamen: CISTERNA5 na 1919
PGD Podgorje: PODGORJE5 na 1919
PGD Grosuplje: GASILCI5 na 1919
PGD Sečovlje: PGDSECOVLJE5 na 1919
PGD Most na Soči: MOST5 na 1919
PGD Trbovlje: PGDTM5 na 1919
PGD Radovljica: GASRAD5 na 1919
PGD Koprivnik: KOPRIVNIK5 na 1919


The Union of Rotary Clubs of Slovenia 

You can join the Humanitarian Action for Flood Relief and donate funds to help those affected by the floods. You can contribute by sending a money order to:

Federation of Rotary Clubs of Slovenia - RI District 1912

Stegne 23 A, 1000 Ljubljana 
IBAN: SI56 0201 3025 7301 922 
Code of Purpose: CHAR
Reference: 2023-008
Purpose: pomoč prizadetim v poplavah / help relief after floods


Don Bosko Foundation

A transaction account is opened to raise funds to help those affected by the floods:
Ustanova Fundacija don Bosko
Rakovniška ulica 6, 1000 Ljubljana
TRR: SI56 0205 8026 2282 413 (odprt pri NLB)
Reference: SI00 201
Purpose: Poplave / Floods
Code of Purpose: char


Union of Lions Clubs of Slovenia

Lions, Distrikt 129
Prešernova cesta 10, 1000 Ljubljana
TRR: SI56 0201 4001 8643 267


Author: UKOM

Date: 7. August 2023

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