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Flood Safety Tips: What to do During a Flood

Heavy rains have caused catastrophic conditions in major part of Slovenia, and lives are also at risk. Residents are assisted by all available forces. The most important thing is that people take care of their own safety, follow the instructions of the competent services and stay at a safe place.

If you remained in a building
If you remained in a building in a flooded area, retreat to a higher floor of the building. Have an object that floats well that you can hold on to (a car tube, a plastic container with a plug, a large piece of styrofoam or wood). Call for help. At night, indicate your position to rescuers with suitable lights. Use the light vest to help the helicopter and raise your arms to the Y position.

Move immediately to higher ground and stay on high ground

Do not walk through flowing water
Do not walk through flowing water, even if the water is only up to your knees. The water current can knock you off of your feet. Because the water is cloudy and polluted, you cannot see the ground or any holes (the raised manhole cover).

Do not drive around road barriers
Do not attempt to cross flooded roads with your vehicle, as you may become trapped in water (the water flow may carry away the vehicle, the roadway may be damaged, the water may flood the vehicle).

Keep away from riverbanks
Do not go near riverbanks, as they may be eroded and not solid.

Monitor the water situation and continue to check the media for emergency information.


Follow instructions from public safety services. If advised to evacuate, do so immediately.

If you must evacuate your home, take only essential items and bring your pets if safe to do so.

Author: UKOM

Date: 6. August 2023

Time to read: 2 min