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LesnaVesna wooden Christmas trees and decorations

Architects and designers Eva Štrukelj and Ignacio Lopez Sola from the LesnaVesna design studio create wooden products with which they preserve historical tradition in a contemporary style.

Wood is one of natural resources that is abundant in Slovenia. Slovenian wood is primarily used in the LesnaVesna studio. It involves a lot of manual labour with the purpose of supporting local resources and people. The architects and designers craft and manufacture wooden furniture and design interior elements.

They have their own line of unique wooden products which are made with great love and particular intention of reviving the tradition in various forms of modern design with the application of today’s technology.

  • Detail of two Christmas trees carved from wooden panels with holes for decoration and three walnuts on the table.

    Wooden christmas trees. Photo: LesnaVesna archives

Take a walk in the nearby forest

“I get ideas from the world around me. I observe forms in nature. I’m interested in ethnology, children’s playfulness, products of Slovenian handicrafts made by the old masters from the past centuries ... Ideas are everywhere if we’re open to life,” Eva Štrukelj explains. The wonderful wooden Christmas trees named Forest Walk, Snow Cloud and Winter Flower also encompass the beauty of our nature.

The wooden trees are made of hand-brushed beech plywood impregnated with natural oils.

Each tree is something special. Forest Walk, the largest one, pays homage to Slovenian forests. The free-standing construction enables the assembly of a Christmas tree, while the pieces of an animal puzzle add the element of fun and interaction. Children can “take a walk in the forest” while fitting numerous forest animals into the openings, placing small birds onto the branches, hiding a rabbit behind the tree. Christmas decorations or colourful ribbons can be installed in the small holes. The playful tree stimulates imagination and enables fun.

  • A two Christmas tree carved from wooden panels, with branches in the shape of flowers.

    Winter Flower is a wooden plant, something between a flower and a Christmas tree with small holes running along its side all the way to the blossoms. Photo: LesnaVesna archives

Snow Cloud and Winter Flower are smaller trees that can be put on a desk, hung from the ceiling or are free-standing. “Snow Cloud has a fluffy, stocky form, resembling soft piles of snow in Slovenian mountains. An image that is reminiscent of winter, happiness, home and all the values with which we grew up and which we carry in our hearts into our adulthood,” Eva Štrukelj describes the Christmas tree. The Snow Cloud has small holes for decorations as well.

Winter Flower is a wooden plant, something between a flower and a Christmas tree with small holes running along its side all the way to the blossoms. Why a flower? “Because it’s the flowers that we miss the most in the long winter days,” says the architect and designer, and adds, “At the moment, Winter Flower is my favourite. It’s simple, feminine, soft.”

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DomaDoma collection

When designing pendants of the DomaDoma collection, which are made of poplar wood, the architects and designers also found their inspiration in Slovenian traditions. Each pendant represents a typical Slovenian folk motif. They are equipped with humorous descriptions in two languages, which makes the collection particularly entertaining. Choose among the pendants featuring a bear, apple heart, dragon, potica nut roll or a tree to decorate your Christmas tree.

  • Four Wood pendants: in the shape of an apple with a heart cut out in the centre, in the shape of a tree, in the shape of a dragon and in the shape of a bear’s head and four Walnuts next to them.

    Pendants from the DomaDoma collection. Photo: LesnaVesna archives

Eva Štrukelj is happy to design something new or add features requested by their clients. “I’m very open for cooperation on exciting projects. Whether interior design or products. In this sense, it was a pleasure to design the museum souvenir shop at Liznjek Homestead which also received the BIG SEE Interior Design Award 2023,” says the architect who never runs out of ideas.

With wooden Christmas trees and LesnaVesna decorations, it is possible to bring into our homes the magic of Slovenian forests and the beauty of nature and revive the tradition.

Author: Danila Golob

Date: 22. December 2023

Time to read: 2 min