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The Slovenian torch will spread the values of Olympism

Countdown to Paris Olympics: The Slovenian Torch Journey Begins! Exactly 100 days before the start of the Olympic Games in Paris, the Slovenian torch will light up. Its journey across all Slovenian municipalities begins in Lendava, starting from the three-border of Slovenia, Hungary, and Croatia.

The Olympic Games represent the pinnacle of competition and sporting achievements count even more. For Slovenia, participation in the annual Olympic Games in Paris is our nation's commitment to excellence.

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It's the second time

This is the second time the Slovenian torch has travelled across Slovenia since 2021, when it completed its journey before the Tokyo Games.

This year, the torch's ambassador is former Olympian and bronze medallist Jani Klemenčič, who won bronze at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics in rowing.

The journey will culminate in the municipality of Kranjska Gora, at the Olympians Square in Mojstrana, where Slovenia, Austria, and Italy converge. On July 13th, the torch bids farewell to Slovenia, continuing its voyage to Paris, where it will find its final destination at the Slovenia House.

The torch will be accompanied on its way by many sports enthusiasts of different generations, adults and schoolchildren, recreational members, disabled athletes.

The flame of Olympism will burn strongly in our hearts and unite us.

  • People are running with the torch

    The Olympic Games represent the pinnacle of competition and sporting. Photo: Matevž Fevžer

Don't miss!

Many events will be organized. Don't miss them. Join and accompaigne the   Slovenian torch's journey across Slovenia!

  • An ambassador Jani Klemenčič with the torch

    This year's ambassador is Jani Klemenčič, former rower and Olympic medalist. Photo: Aleš Fevžer

Author: Tanja Glogovčan Belančić

Date: 17. April 2024

Time to read: 1 min