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Slovenia ranks fifth in the EU

Looking for a beautiful and affordable country to live the best quality of life? My Dolce Casa research team has analysed the latest data on quality of life and cost of living and applied a formula to identify the countries with the best value for money. Based on this analysis, Slovenia is ranked fifth among EU countries.

Lowest cost of living and highest quality of life

Countries are ranked based on a methodology that takes into account the lowest cost of living and the highest quality of life, using the latest Numbeo Quality of Life Index.

My Dolce Casa is a research blog exploring moving, living, working and retiring abroad. Their aim is to help the growing number of people moving and living abroad to find their "sweet home" away from home. For many of us who are planning to move to Europe, how much money we will need to survive is as important, if not more important, than how nice the city is. Many Americans want to move abroad in search of a more affordable way of life.

Slovenia’s spot at the top of the ranking might come as a surprise to some, but those who have visited the country at least once will really understand why this underrated country’s place among the best countries in Europe to live in is well deserved, was also written on the blog.

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And which countries made the top ten? Luxembourg tops the list of countries with the best standard of living in Europe, displacing Spain, which topped the list last year. The Netherlands is the third best country to live in 2024, down one place compared to last year, followed by Estonia, Slovenia, Portugal, Croatia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Finland.

Author: Vesna Žarkovič

Date: 19. February 2024

Time to read: 2 min