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»I feel Slovenia night« also in Novo mesto and Celje

In the spirit of supporting young basketball players, the Government Communications Office of the Republic of Slovenia (UKOM), together with the municipalities of Novo mesto and Celje and the support of the Basketball Federation of Slovenia, will organise two basketball tournaments in both cities on Thursday, 6 April, during the "I FEEL SLOVENIA night" event in Dallas. UKOM is working with the Dallas Mavericks basketball club, where Luka Dončić plays, on a promotional campaign to strengthen the I feel Slovenia brand. On Friday 7 April 2023, Slovenia will be represented at the "I FEEL SLOVENIA night" basketball game in Dallas, featuring Luka Dončić, one of the world's most recognisable athletes. The Slovenian acrobatic group Dunking Devils will also perform during the game.

Better conditions for regular training

Basketball courts supported by Goran Dragić, as well as a court in Celje supported by the Dallas Mavericks, give young basketball players in these two cities better conditions for regular training and encourage young people to spend as much of their free time as possible outdoors. Both basketball support tournaments in Slovenia will take place on these two courts.

The basketball side event in Novo mesto, which will take place on the basketball court of the Novo mesto School Centre, will start at 12:00 and last for two hours. The young basketball players of KK Žoltasti Troti will play a exhibition game, followed by basketball games for the children to try out.  They will show their knowledge about Luka Dončić, basketball and sport in general through prize questions. The event, organised by UKOM in cooperation with the Novo mesto School Centre, Novo mesto Municipality, KZS and KK Žoltasti Troti, is aimed at young people, especially primary school children.

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The basketball side event in Celje

The basketball side event in Celje will start at 13:00 and will last for three hours. The game will take place on the Dallas Mavericks basketball court next to the Celje student hostel building. The game will be played by primary and secondary school students - the last three years - from nine primary schools and one special school, as well as representatives of three professional clubs, two men's and one women's. The Municipality of Celje was pleased to respond to the initiative of the Government Communications Office of the Republic of Slovenia (UKOM) to jointly organise a basketball tournament for Celje primary school children. The event will also include an entertainment programme - DJ JAMirko and well-known Slovenian rappers Murat & Jose will entertain the gathered. UKOM will provide the fans with fan props. The tournament participants will be welcomed by the Mayor of Celje Matija Kovač and UKOM's Director Petra Bezjak Cirman.

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National brand I feel Slovenia

Slovenia is represented at home and abroad by the national brand I feel Slovenia, managed by UKOM. The brand tells the story of Slovenia and Slovenians, of our DNA, Slovenian breakthroughs, sporting successes, culture, art, our care for the environment and coexistence with nature, our desire to overcome the impossible. Slovenia must be (also) felt, not just experienced. In recent years, the I Feel Slovenia story has also become increasingly associated with Slovenian sport, as it is the athletes who are the first to take Slovenia's name to the world. Their successes are highly visible, which is why athletes (and their fans) are one of the country's greatest ambassadors in the international arena.  In the spirit of I Feel Slovenia, we want to become a country that exemplifies quality of life. Slovenia is a country of sport, Slovenians are closely connected to sport and we like to spend our free time doing various sporting activities in nature or in a sports hall. Movement fills us with vigour, gives us enthusiasm for our recreational and business goals. Slovenia's incredible natural resources, good sports infrastructure and investment in young people from kindergarten onwards contribute a lot to this.

Even Slovenian basketball players such as Goran Dragić, Vlatko Čančar, Beno Udrih, Klemen Prepelič, who play for the world's top basketball clubs, alongside Luka Dončić, made their first baskets on school courts, where children and young people now play.



Author: Vesna Žarkovič

Date: 31. March 2023

Time to read: 2 min