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Sports facilities and large sports events in Slovenia

On 28 February 2023, the Government Communications Office organised a panel discussion at the Planica media centre, where the guests spoke about the impact of sports events on the economy and its promotion, including on permanent sports facilities, such as those at Planica.

In recent years, Slovenia has gained a worldwide reputation as a prime organiser of large sports events. It boasts excellent sports facilities that follow the principles of sustainability. Participants in the roundtable discussion, which included the Minister of the Economy, Tourism and Sports, Matjaž Han, the President of the Volleyball Federation of Slovenia and Vice-President of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia, Metod Ropret, and Franci Petek, former top ski jumper and world champion, doctor of geographical sciences and the current Director of the Planica Institute, discussed various aspects of sports.

Many elite-level sports events have taken place in Slovenia in the past few years, while Slovenia has also continued to host traditional events such as the sky flying finals at Planica, the Vitranc Cup and the Golden Fox competition, and Po Sloveniji – the bike race tour of the country.

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»Slovenia has good transport connections and is recognised as one of the safest countries in the world. It is a sustainable country that facilitates good development and is, at the same time, an export-oriented society. On these grounds, integration between the economy and sports is extremely important and meaningful. Slovenia also has top ambassador athletes who promote the country’s image throughout the world. Slovenia is a very sporty nation. As the minister responsible for sports, I want us to repay sports for their contribution to our country,« said Minister Han.

  • Franci Pavšer, Franci Petek and Matjaž Han

    A panel discussion Sports facilities and large sports events in Slovenia Photo: Damjan Žibert

»I am convinced that part of the comparative advantage of our country lies in the fact that it has started to recognise the potential of sports in a hitherto overlooked aspect, i.e. promotion and tourism. Sports events could also be considered as a part of congress tourism, which, in my opinion, holds even greater potential. In addition to all the teams, supporters, media and services, there is also a multitude of spectators who follow the events on-site and also via various broadcasts around the world,« said Franci Petek.

»Slovenia has many strengths as an organiser of large sports events. From my experience in organising the Volleyball Men’s World Championship, I can say that being small is also an advantage. Slovenia has good sports facilities and is a safe, green and sustainable country. All events entrusted to our country have been organised at the highest level, which has also been recognised by the international sports public. However, I believe that a further step is needed to establish new air connections. I believe that we will be successful in achieving this target,« said Metod Ropret, President of the Volleyball Federation of Slovenia and Vice-President of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia.

Author: Polona Prešeren

Date: 28. February 2023

Time to read: 2 min