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Slovenian passport 9th most powerful

Slovenian passport holders can travel visa-free to 183 destinations all over the globe, only nine fewer than the holders of the most powerful passport in the ranking - Singaporean. Slovenia is at 9th a spot in the annual Henley & Partners ranking of most powerful passports this year.

A total of 29 countries rank ahead of the trio in ninth place, including a number of EU member states, with Germany, Spain and Italy sharing the second place.

Last year, Slovenian passport holders could travel visa-free to 181 destinations, which put the passport in tenth place on the ranking. The year before, Slovenia was in eleventh place.

The Henley & Partners ranking is based on the data from the International Air Transport Association, which encompasses passports of 199 countries and 227 destinations.

Slovenians can travel visa-free to 183 destinations, as well as enter and reside for up to 90 days in over 40 countries, including EU member states and the countries of the former Yugoslavia, presenting only their ID cards.

Slovenia has been issuing biometric passports, which are harder to forge, since 2006. A decade later, new security features were added, including a contactless biometric data chip.

Slovenian passports feature a total of 91 security elements, making the passport very safe against forgeries.

Source and photo: STA

Author: Polona PreΕ‘eren

Date: 13. August 2023

Time to read: 2 min