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Day of Slovenian Sport – forging links, getting together and strengthening national identity

The pace of life is getting faster and faster and it is putting us under more strain than ever. Despite the constant lack of time, physical recreation is growing in importance and value. Apart from being an important factor in health, increased motivation and well-being, sport also has the power to unite, inspire and bring together. It is an influential factor in nurturing and strengthening national identity. On Wednesday, 23 September, the Day of Slovenian Sport will be celebrated for the first time.

“This holiday carries a special significance and is dedicated to Slovenian sports and its promotion in the broadest sense. Our citizens are encouraged to mark this holiday by engaging in a physical activity of their own,” pointed out the Olympic Committee of Slovenia – Association of Sports Federations, which put forward the idea of a new national holiday.

The idea was welcomed by Slovenian sports enthusiasts and supported by local communities, the Expert Council on Sport of the Republic of Slovenia, parliamentary deputy groups and many others. The biggest sports area, offering diverse training possibilities and activities for people of all ages, will be set up in Ljubljana’s Republic Square for the occasion of the holiday. On that day, Employee Sports Day will be held in Novo mesto, and the 20th anniversary of the triple Slovenian victory in the Sydney Olympics will be marked by a ceremony in Bled, celebrating the day when Iztok Čop, Luka Špik and Rajmond Debevec made history.

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    Iztok Čop, Rajmond Debevec and Luka Špik. Photo: Matevž Fevžar

Motivation and perseverance are the key to a healthy life

Our primary goal is to promote sports among the widest possible range of people in order to encourage them to a healthy and active lifestyle.

When they are active, people relax and become calm, and develop their self-confidence, perseverance and patience.

“By being physically active, people not only gain and enhance their motor skills, but they also strengthen their body, lead a healthy lifestyle, learn patience and increase their motivation. The Day of Slovenian Sport is a holiday for all of us. Let’s celebrate it together! For this year’s holiday, we have prepared numerous recreational sports events for people of all ages together with our supporters and partners. Sports recreation satisfies the basic need for movement and fulfils our wish to share our joy and energy with friends. It allows us to feel the very essence of sport. Since humans are built for movement, its lack can cause our body, mind and energy to slowly deteriorate. Let’s celebrate sport in Slovenia,” urged the Olympic Committee of Slovenia – Association of Sports Federations.

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Top Slovenian athletes represent Slovenia worldwide, fill us with pride and enhance our national identity. At the same time, they motivate people to take up a sport and to choose an activity that makes them feel good and gives them energy.

Slovenia has thus joined seven other countries commemorating a national sports day (Republic of India, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Malaysia, the State of Qatar, Republic of Turkey, the Kingdom of Thailand and Japan).

“Physical activity has a great impact on a child's development, as it provides education and promotes positive values,” added the Olympic Committee of Slovenia – Association of Sports Federations. The Day of Slovenian Sport will mark the opening of a week dominated by sport, with the 6th European Week of Sport taking place between 23 and 30 September. Numerous events, such as guided workouts, sports games, sports presentations, consultations with experts and children’s activities, will be held all around the country.  

Author: Alja Pahor

Date: 22. September 2020

Time to read: 1 min