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5533 older people have better digital skills thanks to Mobile Heroes

Last November, the first round of the Mobile Heroes project was completed, with trained professionals delivering digital literacy training to over-55s in local rural settings, starting in May 2023, through a travelling classroom. The training was very well attended. In 313 training sessions across the country, 5533 older people have significantly increased their digital skills.

Innovative learning environment

In addition to introducing new, flexible forms of learning in an innovative learning environment, the free ICT workshops also provided older people with one-to-one counselling and other services to help them make effective use of modern technologies. The training sessions, which lasted four teaching hours, taught older people how to use smartphones, computers, tablets and apps, social networking, how to handle emails and how to access certain services such as e-health. Participants who did not have their own equipment could borrow it at the workshops.

  • Senior citizens sit at a table in a classroom.

    The mobile unit, which travelled to rural areas, brought workshops on digital competences to older people in their local environment. Photo: Archives Ukom

Increased independence and better information for older people

The use of ICT is undeniably an opportunity for older people to improve their quality of life, to become more independent, better informed, better able to access innovative services, to bridge the gap between urban and rural areas, to overcome the fear of the inexorable advance of technology, and to facilitate inclusion and active participation in society. We believe that older people can make an important contribution with experience and wisdom at all levels of social and economic development and progress.

  • In the foreground, senior citizens sit at a table and listen to a lecturer in the background.

    The project aims to help older people learn new skills in their own environment with the help of a smart van. Photo: Archives Ukom

Mobile heroes in most municipalities across Slovenia

Mobile Heroes were hosted by 171 Slovenian municipalities (out of a total of 212, which means that 80% of municipalities hosted Mobile Heroes) in all twelve statistical regions. In some municipalities, especially the larger ones, up to five trainings were held in different locations over a seven-month period. The largest number of trainings took place in the Osrednjeslovenska, Savinjska, Podravska and SE Slovenia regions.

The project will continue in the coming year; a new public procurement contract has already been launched for the provision of non-formal training to raise the digital competences of people aged 55 and over The tender documents are available on the public procurement portal.

Author: Vesna Žarkovič

Date: 4. January 2024

Time to read: 3 min