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Yelka – A Christmas tree made of Slovenian wood

Slovenian designers from the Hello Yellow House studio have created a very special Christmas tree. The Yelka is made of Slovenian wood, and is modern, sustainable, and environment-friendly.

Hello Yellow House is home to two architects, Tinca Furlan and Evgen de Gleria, and graphic designer Uroš de Gleria, who together want to turn their love of wood and sophisticated design into something practical, high-quality and reasonably priced. The idea of the Yelka was born when Tinca and Evgen were unable to find a suitable Christmas tree for their home, namely sustainable, minimalist, not made of plastic, with minimal packaging, and no fear that it might be knocked over at any moment by a child or pet. They could not find any tree to suit their needs, and therefore decided to make it themselves, and were joined in this by Uroš, Evgen’s brother.

The team pooled their knowledge and passion for wood, design and innovation to create The Perfect One.

It leaves no needles, it is sustainable and 100% kind to the environment, and furthermore it looks beautiful. The Yelka was also showcased on Kickstarter, with the campaign ending in success in 2018, since when they have launched production of Yelkas each year.

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The perfect tree for any home

The Yelka is made of solid wood treated with an environment-friendly wood oil. Three types of wood are available (walnut, medium-light oak, and light maple), in three different sizes (150 cm, 100 cm and 75 cm). The feet are made of metal for the sake of stability, spray painted using a method that does not harm the environment. The stand comes in black and white. The product contains no dangerous small parts, and is child- and pet-friendly. The packaging is designed to be reused.

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Putting up the Yelka is simple. The wooden “branches” can be arranged into the desired form on the metal base. It also suits smaller spaces, and can be fitted tightly against a wall. Created with a long lifespan in mind, this innovative Christmas tree can be used year after year, and can be put up as you like, limited only by your own creativity.

Visit the website and choose your Yelka.

Author: Danila Golob

Date: 19. December 2022

Time to read: 2 min