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Counting down the seconds to Expo

The World Expo hosted by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates will commence at the beginning of October 2021 and last until 31 March 2022. Among the 192 participating countries, Slovenia will be featured with its national pavilion under the slogan, Slovenia. Green Smart Experience., as a sustainable, modern, creative and future-oriented country.

The SPIRIT Slovenia Public Agency is responsible for the preparation of Slovenia’s presentation at Expo 2020 Dubai, which is a joint project of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, the Slovenian Tourist Board (STO), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Government Communication Office.


Expo will unite the world in the spirit of solidarity and optimism

As stated by the organisers, Expo 2020 Dubai held between 1 October 2021 and 31 March 2022 will unite the world in the spirit of solidarity and optimism.

As a global forum, the Expo will provide space for creativity and the implementation of positive change in a changed world.

"We are pleased that the world will reunite at this event and start forging new business and personal connections. By participating at Expo 2020, we show our commitment to creating a strong and sustainable future. If 2020 was the year when the world almost came to a halt, 2021 must be the year of exceptional, all-round acceleration towards attaining urgent global objectives. And although the Expos schedules may have changed, our participation and common objectives remain solid," says Ajda Cuderman, State Secretary at the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology.

Slovenia will be showcased in Dubai under the slogan, "Slovenia. Green Smart Experience."

The aim of the participation at Expo 2020 Dubai is the placement of Slovenia on the global map as a sustainable and highly technological and innovative country.

Simultaneously, the showcase will boost the promotion of the Slovenian business sector, Slovenia as a tourist destination and the presence of Slovenian products and services in the market of the United Arab Emirates and globally.

"The World Exposition in Dubai is an excellent opportunity to show as a country how our top-notch smart and green technologies can contribute to a better and more sustainable world if combined with Slovenian creative talent. It also offers an opportunity to put Slovenia on the global map as a desirable and reliable business partner and an attractive destination for holidays and discovery," explained Cuderman.

She continued that the pavilion would provide a unique experience for visitors, allowing them to feel and discover first-hand how our country, our way of life and our companies with their state-of-the-art solutions can contribute to the global objective of sustainable business practice, industry and life.


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Slovenia’s presentation

The pavilion will be set in the Sustainability District on a 1,550 m2 exhibition site distinguished by its excellent position in the immediate vicinity of one of the three entrances to the venue of the World Exposition. Its conceptual design was drafted by the architectural studio, Magnet design, d. o. o., and it will be constructed by Riko, d. o. o.

The pavilion is architecturally devised as a green oasis floating on a water pillow, displaying Slovenian wisdom, innovation and energy.

It is designed as a smart environment and will enable visitors a virtual visit to, and experience of, the future, and an experience of Slovenia that stimulates all the senses by the use of advanced digital solutions. The pavilion has three floors. The ground floor is set up as an open space, giving the visitors an insight into Slovenian scientific, sports and cultural achievements, including selected Slovenian consumer goods. It facilitates the flow of visitors and the organisation of various cultural and artistic events and other gatherings. The first floor showcases the essence of the story about green and smart Slovenia. Here, visitors will be able to fully encounter and feel Slovenia with the help of digital content and an engaging multimedia experience. The second floor features the Slovenian business sector and will be intended for various presentations of good practices, roundtables and business networking. 

With an independent modular pavilion, Slovenia was showcased for the first time in Lisbon in 1998 with the project, Slovenia – Terra Mystica. The project featured the natural circulation of water and informed the visitors about Slovenia’s natural sights and beauty.

At its presentation in Hanover in 2000, Slovenia highlighted Man – Nature – Technology. The visitors were able to get to know Slovenia as a country of many possibilities for further development in tourism and as a country open to the world and building on its own knowledge. The concept of the presentation was life and work.

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Pre-Expo programme

The organisers of Expo 2020 Dubai, which was postponed for one year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, decided to carry out a series of virtual events in the meantime. As part of the so-called pre-Expo programme, they wish to introduce the themes that will be discussed next year, giving the participating countries an opportunity to present their work in various fields and forge business connections beforehand.

The programme anticipates 11 thematic weeks and international days, and it will start exactly one year before the event, i.e. at the beginning of October 2020.

Slovenia aims to present its breakthrough companies in the best possible light and the largest possible scope and will also incorporate in the thematic weeks proposed by the organisers the contents crucial for the promotion of the Slovenian business sector. These include factories of the future, development of materials, e-mobility, wood and smart buildings.


Author: Tanja Glogovčan Belančić, source: Spirit

Date: 5. October 2020

Time to read: 3 min