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Boss of mobile home maker named Manager of the Year

Marta Kelvišar, the director of the Črnomelj-based maker of mobile homes and glamping tents Adria Dom, has been named Manager of the Year by the Manager Association, which described her as a charismatic leader who prioritises action over promises.

Kelvišar "pushes the brakes when it comes to promises and accelerates when it comes to actions - because she is convinced that business leaders are more successful if they over-deliver on their promises," the business association said.

During her nine years at the helm, Kelvišar has made Adria Dom a globally recognised trendsetter in mobile and modular homes and mobile tents.

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Recognised as a trendsetter in the field of mobile and modular homes

Her charisma and energy have led the company to become a globally recognised trendsetter in the field of mobile and modular homes and mobile tents, according to the management trade organisation.

The selection committee cites her work as having resulted in business modernisation, a high organisational culture, innovation, environmentally friendly and quality products with superior design and price and an average growth of 20% over the last eight years. In nine years, the company has increased revenues from around €17 million to just under €57 million, and value added per employee from €30,000 to €68,000.

Due to the expansion of markets and the growing demand for their houses and tents, the production plant in the Kanižarica business zone near Črnomelj has adapted the way it organises its work. They have introduced two-shift working, increased productivity and raised the number of employees by almost 200% to 305. They have also introduced lean operations and got rid of unnecessary costs and resources, according to the Manager Association.

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Attention to employees

However, the company's focus should still be on employees, their participation in processes, learning in professional areas and soft skills, mentoring, promotion and reward. This should ensure greater employee commitment.

The company also invests heavily in sustainability and R&D, according to the association. Last year alone, the company spent €2.1 million on the development of 37 new products. In the last four years, the company has invested €1.6 million in technological equipment, most of it in the digitalisation of production. According to the selection committee, Adria Dom also supports numerous local projects, events, individuals, clubs and associations.

Source: STA

Author: Vesna Žarkovič

Date: 28. September 2023

Time to read: 3 min