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The Traditional Slovenian Breakfast 2022: »Breakfast with milk – a great day!«

The third Friday in November – 18 November this year – is the day on which we celebrate Slovenian food with a project known as the Traditional Slovenian Breakfast, now taking place for the twelfth year running.

The main aim of the project is to support Slovenian food producers and manufacturers, and to promote local self-sufficiency with good quality food from the local environment, and encourage people to develop healthy dietary habits. For this year’s Traditional Slovenian Breakfast, the slogan »Breakfast with milk – a great day!« puts the emphasis on milk and dairy products.

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The Traditional Slovenian Breakfast will also be held in schools and nurseries.

On Friday, 18 November, traditional food will be served for breakfast to around 86,000 children in nurseries and 200,000 pupils in primary schools and educational institutions for children with special needs.

The breakfast will consist of bread, butter, honey, milk and apples, or other fresh or dry fruit of local or Slovenian origin. On this day children will learn the importance of locally produced food, agriculture, having breakfast, and a healthy diet. In all the years of the project’s operation, over 2.5 million Slovenian breakfasts have been served in nurseries and primary schools.

The first Traditional Slovenian Breakfast project was organised on the initiative of the Slovenian Beekeeping Association and it now involves 14 governmental and non-governmental organisations. The project is joined every year by individuals, institutions, companies, bars, restaurants and tourist facilities, which support and promote the meaning of the traditional Slovenian breakfast with their activities.

Author: Danila Golob

Date: 18. November 2022

Time to read: 1 min