Skoči do osrednje vsebine

Author: Katja Križnar

Date: 30. July 2020

Time to read: 2 min

Calamari or various takes on squid are a popular seafood dish. They are most often fried or grilled. Due to the variety of fillings that can be used, stuffed, grilled calamari open up a wide range of possibilities.

In Slovenia, the widely used term "kalamar" was taken from the Italian "calamaro", which itself is derived from the Greek word "kalamos", meaning "ink pot" or "pen case". The name refers to the squid’s defence mechanism, in which they release an ink-like substance when in danger. This substance is also used to make actual ink, and is also an indispensable ingredient in black risotto.


several small calamari

a few cloves of garlic



olive oil


toothpicks for stuffing

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  • Clean the calamari and remove the tentacles.
  • Chop up the tentacles with parsley and garlic, adding breadcrumbs and a little salt.
  • Stuff the calamari, using toothpicks to hold them together.
  • Heat up the olive oil in a saucepan and add the stuffed calamari. Braise and fry until soft. Turn over when done on one side. Add a little white wine during braising. Stuffed calamari can also be grilled.

Source: Taste Slovenia, Janez Bogataj