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Abundance in a bowl

December is certainly one of children’s favourite months of the year. This is the month that celebrates in a number of events the importance of families, friendship, charity and gift-giving. Miklavž, Saint Nicholas, is the first to bring gifts, but also to remind us of the unimportance of material wealth. He is the good man who loves children.

A recollection of the past ... Saint Nicholas' Eve, the house is clean, the table is set, there are five bowls. Tonight Saint Nicholas will come.

And in the morning ... the bowls were full of dried fruit and candies, and in each there was a small present and a honey cake with a picture of Saint Nicholas. And that day's breakfast was made from all the good things found the bowl.

It was allowed on that morning. But we were happy also for another reason: Saint Nicholas' visit meant that we had been good during the year.

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Generosity is the greatest gift

He continues to bring small presents to Slovenian children: some dried fruit, candies and small gifts, like gloves, socks, a scarf or an inexpensive toy. But Saint Nicholas' greatest gift for our children has always been his encouragement to be brave, true, sincere, hardworking and respectful, instead of handing out punishments for failing to be all these things.

The greatest gift that Saint Nicholas brings to us is generosity. And generosity is the seed from which confidence and trust grow in children's hearts.

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I hope you all find, again this year, dried fruit, honey cakes and thoughtful gifts in your bowls. 

Author: Tanja Glogovčan

Date: 5. December 2019

Time to read: 1 min