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10th Traditional Slovenian Breakfast, in slightly different form this year

This year again, on the third Friday in November, 20 November, we are to celebrate Slovenian Food Day with the Traditional Slovenian Breakfast (TSZ), which will be the tenth in a row; however, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, it will be slightly different.

The Traditional Slovenian Breakfast with the slogan, "Breakfast with honey - a great day!", will not be served in schools and kindergartens as in previous years.

Particular attention will be given to raising awareness and encouraging the general public to celebrate Slovenian Food Day by enjoying selected foods, i.e. bread, butter, milk, honey, and apples for breakfast, at home and at work.

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    The Traditional Slovenian Breakfast with the slogan, "Breakfast with honey - a great day!".

Schools and kindergartens will not serve breakfast as a special additional or independent meal for children, but nevertheless, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food has taken the initiative to dedicate part of the distance learning on 20 November to Slovenian Food Day, and the importance of enjoying breakfast on a regular basis.

The importance of regular breakfast and choosing locally grown foods

This year, parents and, of course, pre-school and school teachers have an even greater task to present to young people the importance of bee pollination for food security, the importance of having breakfast on regular basis, and enjoying local food which has the shortest possible travel distance from the land to the plate.

They should make the children aware that locally grown food is fresher, more nutritious, fuller tasting, and without additives (colours, preservatives, flavour enhancers, etc.) - all these advantages are provided by local and Slovenian food. By choosing food produced and processed by Slovenian farmers and our domestic agricultural and food companies, we encourage and increase self-sufficiency in food, and contribute to the preservation of rural settlements and the cultural landscape.

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We can prepare breakfast, which includes foods typical of the Traditional Slovenian Breakfast, i.e. bread, butter, honey, milk, and apples, at home together.

Source: Naša super hrana (Our superfood)

Author: Danila Golob

Date: 20. November 2020

Time to read: 1 min