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4th International Food Loss and Waste Awareness Day

The United Nations General Assembly has declared 29 September to be International Food Loss and Waste Awareness Day. The day aims to raise public awareness of the scale of the problem and to find solutions, as reducing food loss and waste is crucial for the transition to sustainable food systems.

In the EU, nearly 59 million tonnes of food (131 kg per capita) are wasted every year, with an estimated market value of EUR 132 billion. More than half of food waste (53%) is thrown away in households, followed by the food processing and manufacturing sectors (20%).

Less food was thrown away in Slovenia than the previous year

In 2022, 150,839 tonnes of food were thrown away in Slovenia, or 2% less than the previous year.

Households accounted for the largest share of food waste (47%), followed by the catering and food service sector (37%) and grocery stores (9%) while food manufacturing accounted for the lowest share (7%).

Compared to the previous year, less food waste was generated in food production (down 21%), households (down 12%) and grocery stores (down 2%), while more food waste was generated in the catering and food service sector (up 20%).

Most of the food waste was treated aerobically in composting plants and anaerobically in biogas plants, 39% each. Twenty-one percent of the food waste was bio-stabilised at plants for the mechanical-biological treatment of mixed municipal waste, before being landfilled. Less than 1% of the total amount of food waste was treated by other treatment methods (e.g. incineration, oil re-refining and other biological recovery processes).

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The European Commission has proposed that by 2030 Member States reduce food waste by 10% in processing and manufacturing and by 30% (per capita) in total retail and consumption (restaurants, food services and households).

Taking action to prevent food waste also helps to combat climate change, provide more food for people to eat, and save money. Everyone can help reduce food waste in their own way.

Author: Danila Golob

Date: 29. September 2023

Time to read: 2 min