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To create a home for the elderly where they have the opportunity to grow and live well

These words are written on the website of the Home for the Elderly in Notranj Gorice, run by this year's Slovenian of the Year, Ana Petrič. And what's more: we provide a wide range of personalised services for the elderly, enabling them to lead a quality, independent and varied life. Whether a person chooses to live in their own home or in a retirement home, we create a stimulating environment where everyone feels accepted and included. Services are person-centred and based on the individual's needs and preferences.

Bring a smile to every elderly person's face

"As the leading provider of long-term care in Slovenia, we will ensure that every elderly person has the opportunity to choose the most appropriate and high-quality care for them. By actively contributing to the development of the long-term care system and new skills and approaches, we will ensure that the quality of care services for the elderly in Slovenia is increased. Through the development of new services for older people, we want to make it easy for every individual to access the service that is most appropriate to their needs and preferences," is their vision for their work.

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For better social care for the elderly

"Until you are old and in need of help, you are not aware of the problems of the elderly, but when something happens, we can be in great distress because we cannot get help overnight. Not only are we short-staffed, we turn a blind eye to illness and dying, so the problem of the elderly is really becoming a social problem. We are chasing the last train to make a difference," said Ana Petrič, Director of the Notranje Gorice Senior Citizens' Centre, at the award ceremony of the Slovenian Woman of the Year, chosen by the readers of Jana magazine.

"For the nineteenth year, she has been making a difference in the field of social care. She fights for the rights of the elderly, for higher norms and better working conditions for the employees in the homes," the organisers of the selection wrote about the winner.

Petrič carries out many activities and projects to help the elderly. For the eighth year in a row, she has brought together and involved all generations in writing greetings with her project "A little attention for a big joy". The Give a Smile campaign collects clothes - they are donated to residents, the Kings of the Street and children with special needs. They have successfully piloted the Holidays in exchange for volunteer work project, as Jana magazine wrote about the Slovenian of the Year.

Author: Vesna Žarkovič

Date: 26. February 2024

Time to read: 2 min