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LUŠT - the most famous Slovenian tomato

Lušt tomatoes are grown in the greenhouses of the village of Rekovci in Slovenia's Prekmurje region The tomatoes are carefully harvested by growers from April until Christmas, making them available on the market almost all year round.

Vegetables grown locally have a much better taste and a higher nutrient content. The Paradajz company is equally aware of this fact and from the very beginning their intention was to boost self-sufficiency in locally grown vegetables that are not genetically modified and are grown on an organic substrate.

Growing Lušt tomatoes

Today, the company Paradajz boasts a wealth of knowledge in the field of growing plants indoors, heated by geothermal energy obtained through a geothermal water well.  Its glass-covered greenhouses extend over 9 hectares. The company produces 4,500 tons of quality tomatoes of different varieties and types each year.

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The company focuses on care for the environment, which is also reflected in the production of tomatoes by using technology that reduces the negative effects of production on the environment and consequently on people's health.

The plants are grown from non-genetically modified seeds acquired in Slovenia. Ten-week-old seedlings are planted in mid-January in a natural mixture of peat and coconut fibre in a greenhouse. Since the composition of the organic substrate is known and environmentally sound, it also better protects the tomatoes from diseases and pests.

Tomatoes are pollinated by bumblebees, which are part of the permanent greenhouse fauna, in a completely natural way, which is further proof that the company uses no harmful spray preparations that could cause the bumblebees' instant death.

If the plants or fruits are nevertheless attacked by pests, the latter will fall prey to the natural predators in the greenhouse. The tomatoes are watered with collected rainwater and harvested by hand. This ensures that only sufficiently ripe tomatoes are harvested. These fully ripen while attached to the plant, which gives them a better taste and a higher content of vitamins, minerals and the antioxidant lycopene.

  • Lušt tomatoes

    Healthy Lušt tomatoes, which the grower provides even outside the natural growing season. Photo: Paradajz archives

Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse provides ideal climatic conditions for their growth.

The greenhouse is heated when temperatures are too low, and when they are too high. This is why seedlings can be planted in the winter, and tomatoes grown and harvested year-round until the next winter.

The Paradajz company aims to put fully ripe tomatoes on the shelves within the shortest possible time. The company is also mindful of the environment when it comes to packaging. Lušt tomatoes are sold in environmentally friendly packaging.

  • Hand-picking

    50 million tomatoes are hand-picked annually by the Paradajz company. Photo: Paradajz archives

Paradajz – ambassador of Slovenia’s economy

As part of the national campaign for the promotion abroad of the Slovenian economy, presented under the slogan "I FEEL SLOVENIA. GREEN. CREATIVE. SMART", the SPIRIT Slovenia Public Agency has selected nineteen new campaign ambassadors.

The Paradajz company, with its green solutions for growing Lušt tomatoes, is among the exceptional Slovenian companies offering unique products and services with added value.

"Becoming and being an ambassador of the Slovenian economy is a great recognition for us. We are particularly proud of the fact that we come from the primary agricultural production sector, which is usually considered a peripheral industry. Our ranking among the ambassadors of the Slovenian economy confirms that agriculture, if you handle things correctly, can also be a sustainable industry with a high investment of knowledge and innovation," said a company representative.

Author: Danila Golob

Date: 26. May 2020

Time to read: 3 min