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EQUA Smart: A smart water bottle

Slovenia is considered one of the richest countries in water resources in Europe and prides itself on its exceptional water quality. Tap water in Slovenia is clean and drinkable. Pour it into an innovative water bottle that will help you stay hydrated!

Sustainable and environmentally friendly products

Since starting up in 2010, the EQUA company has strived to design and create top-quality products that support a healthy lifestyle and sustainable development.

The company's aim is to be environmentally friendly. Through its products, it also raises awareness among customers, who themselves contribute to a greener environment by using their products.

So EQUA's creative team have developed two brands: EQUA and GOAT STORY. The EQUA brand comprises water bottles that encourage people to drink tap water, while GOAT STORY creates a new coffee drinking culture with the help of the innovative GOAT MUG and the GINA "smart coffee instrument".

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EQUA – ambassador for Slovenia’s economy

Nineteen Slovenian companies and organisations that offer unique products and value-added services have been selected as ambassadors of the national campaign for the promotion of the Slovenian economy abroad, which the SPIRIT Slovenia Public Agency is presenting under the slogan "I FEEL SLOVENIA. GREEN. CREATIVE. SMART". Among the ambassadors is EQUA, which impressed with their EQUA Smart water bottle.

"We are extremely proud to have become ambassadors for Slovenia's economy. Even though the majority of our products are exported abroad, Slovenia is the country where it all began and where the project and product were supported and well-received from the start," says the successful EQUA company.

  • A girl with a pink equa smart bottle

    A combination of high-tech smart functions and elegant design representing a simple and innovative way to drink water. Photo: EQUA archives

The bottle that "feels" you

And what makes the water bottle so special? It might be said that the bottle actually "feels" us, as its distinct high-tech functions enable it to notify the user about their state of hydration.

The EQUA Smart water bottle has smart technology built into a base that lights up to remind users to drink regularly and uses a motion sensor and mobile app (Bluetooth) to track the amount of water drunk.

Via the app, into which the user enters their personal parameters, the bottle calculates the user’s daily water needs and lights up to remind him or her when to take another sip of water.

  • Equa smart on the table

    Through its functionality and outstanding design, the bottle raises awareness about protecting the environment, drinking enough water and using bottles as a fashion accessory. Photo: EQUA archives

"The new bottle offers the user a personalised plan for drinking water regularly, at the same time helping them develop healthy life habits in a user-friendly manner," says Anže Miklavec, the founder of EQUA. The bottle is made of stainless steel and has a double insulation system that enables it to maintain its contents at the desired temperature.

Through multiple use, the bottle encourages the consumption of tap water and reduces the use of plastic bottles, thereby reducing the environmental impact caused by single-use plastics.

Furthermore, the bottle is of elegant and beautiful design.

  • Equa spart bottle

    Annually, one EQUA bottle can replace 217 single-use plastic bottles. Photo: EQUA archives

Care for health and the environment, smart technology and modern design – the EQUA Smart water bottle combines it all.

Author: Danila Golob

Date: 26. May 2020

Time to read: 3 min