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30 years of Studio Draž

Studio Draž is a family-run business that celebrates its 30th anniversary of knitwear this year. Draž Knitwear was passed down from its ancestors by siblings Urška and Tomaž. Their creative process runs from start to finish, from the choice of materials, to the design of textures, to the hand-cutting and assembly of the pieces.

Clothing design as a mission

Being responsible to people and nature means a lot to them, and above all, they make clothes that last. How long a person wears a garment, what it means to them, how it makes them feel - all of this speaks to the true value of clothing. This is the feedback they receive from their customers. Without them, there would be no Draž.

Their durable garments offer a safe, comfortable, practical, beautiful, substantial and visually strong image and a lasting shelter. How do they create such garments? When a designer manages to translate these ideas from paper into the content and image of a garment, his mission is accomplished, they say. Behind a well-knitted, designed and produced garment is a great deal of knowledge, work, attention, sensitivity and passion. All this knowledge and craftsmanship and consistency are realised in Draž garments. In this way, they express respect for the material, their work, the environment and the people who wear the clothes. The garments created in this way are not thrown away; when people stop using them for any reason, they can bring them to their studio, where they are reconstructed according to their needs and wishes, or they can be given to someone who continues to use them. In the world of the fashion industry, this approach is a rarity, as it does not generate the profits expected by an industry that produces piles of clothes every day. Given that it is impossible to take pride in and consume such a quantity of products, this approach leads them to ask many questions about the meaning of their work, the design of their clothes and the meaning of life in general.

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How to find a way to balance and harmony in the "fashion machine" of oversaturation?

By becoming more aware of the pitfalls of manipulation in the fashion industry, we can become more aware of our needs and desires and avoid following the hidden messages of the fashion industry, which tries to tell us what we need to be well-groomed and "happy", they add. We need to be aware that the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter of the environment after the food industry, and on the other hand, we often hear women complaining that they have nothing to wear when their wardrobes are overflowing. Similarly, the Indians prophesied for the food industry: the white man will have a plate full of food and nothing to eat. The purpose of buying clothes today is often to have and throw away. Discarded clothes often end up as waste in nature, where they take up to a hundred years to decompose due to synthetic fibres and chemical treatment. Chemicals leach into the soil, water and are often served on a plate.

Studio Draž: "Despite these facts and the criticisms of the fashion industry, we fashion designers are its opposite: craftsmen, seekers of truth, beauty and new images, technological solutions and unrealised cuts. We are driven by the desire to create clothes that people will enjoy and feel beautiful and safe in. When our customers confirm the meaningfulness of our wishes and actions by reporting that they feel good in our clothes, which they are happy to wear, our purpose is achieved and the circle from idea to fellow human being is complete."

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Author: Vesna Žarkovič

Date: 16. November 2023

Time to read: 3 min