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We like writing by hand

But can we really say we find the opportunity to do it every day? We mostly just tap the keys on a computer or mobile phone. We don't even send handwritten holiday cards any more. The "Radi pišemo z roko" (We like writing by hand) Society has been raising this issue since 2017.

The association was established with the mission of raising awareness among the wider public, both experts and laypersons, about the importance of writing by hand. Most adults see it as a time-consuming activity and an unnecessary burden.

Writing by hand used to be a privilege, a sign of broadmindedness and education, even art. Today, most of us aren't aware of this any more.

Teachers have noticed that young people today write in a stiff, unrefined and clumsy manner. The cause of all this is modern technology, of course. E-mail is a cheap means of mass communication, but has a disadvantage of being impersonal.

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More than just using a pen

Although we live in a competitive society demanding us to act fast, globally and with versatility, we don't realise how important the skill of writing by hand is.

Our brain has to work more when we write by hand than if we type on a computer.

Furthermore, handwritten information is stored in our memory longer. We are more creative, have more ideas and stay attentive longer.

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The "Radi pišemo z roko" Society

The members of the association, headed by Ms Marijana Jazbec, are ambitious and have clear goals. Every year, between 20 and 24 January, a handwriting week for primary and secondary schools is held.

The purpose is to encourage children and teenagers to write by hand and to be aware of its importance for their physical and mental development.

They also organise programmes for the elderly entitled Handwriting Lessons for Seniors. The society publishes a biannual bulletin, the "Radi pišemo z roko" Journal.

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Writing by hand shows you care

To those who already recognise the importance of holding a pen and scribing letters on paper in their very own unique writing, hats off to you. To those of us who still prefer the comfort of electronic devices, take this as a challenge.

Next time when Facebook reminds you of a friend's upcoming birthday, find some time, take a pen and write a card to him or her.

Whether we want to admit it or not, most of us are overjoyed when there is an envelope with our handwritten name and address waiting for us in the letterbox. Not only because it is not a bill to be paid, but because somebody took the time and made the effort to write to us.

Author: Tanja Glogovčan Belančić

Date: 22. January 2020

Time to read: 2 min