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Storing thoughts for 250 years

This year marks 250 years since the National and University Library was first established. To this day, the Library remains one of the most important cultural and educational institutions in the country.

The National and University Library has been preserving thoughts for 250 years

The 250th anniversary of the founding of the National and University Library is an opportunity to look back in time and recall the events that shaped the development of the library, the building of the collection and the services provided to users. It presents a selection of stories whose echoes can still be heard today, as they have had a significant impact on all that has followed. They are the cornerstones of our development, which also shed light on the role of NUK more broadly.

First the Lyceum Library, then the Imperial Royal Study Library, the National Study Library, the State Library and now the National and University Library, the story of this period is one of continuous care for users and materials. The library receives 250,000 visitors and users a year.

The collection has more than 3,000,000 items. And not only in physical form, more than one million digital objects are also available in the Digital Library of Slovenia, which is also managed by NUK.

That is why the National and University Library, which today resides in the Jože Plečnik Library Palace and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is almost first and foremost a place where we can witness the rich creativity of a nation and touch its cultural greatness.

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In this spirit, the exhibition 'Keeping the Minds - 250 Years On' will be on display until the beginning of December. Stories, documents, photographs, a variety of materials, data through a historical cross-section and a presentation of past and present NUK activities offer visitors a walk through 250 years of the library's development.

There are the first inventories of the collection, catalogues, official correspondence and material from bequests, gifts and compulsory copies, a selection of recently acquired material from special collections and a selection of works from the pens of librarians and other library staff.

The exhibition is designed in two parts, with the material on display from the opening until September telling the story of the Library's beginnings and the collection of material; the second part will showcase the diversity of the Library's material, its curation and conservation.

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Author: Vesna Žarkovič

Date: 28. May 2024

Time to read: 5 min