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St. Martin's Day – let's toast the new wine vintage

St. Martin's Day is the most widespread celebration in Slovenia related to wine and the culture of wine. It is celebrated on 11 November, the feast day of Saint Martin of Tours, when wine is made from must.

For winegrowers and other wine lovers, St. Martin's Day is a symbolic conclusion of a year-long effort in the vineyards and is about enjoying the fruits of hard work. In addition to celebrating the new wine vintage, St. Martin's Day is characterised by traditional dishes, among which the most typical, in addition to other types of poultry, are roast goose or duck with mlinci (dried flatbread) and stewed red cabbage. St. Martin's Day dishes also include the potica pastry, pogača bread and other sweet delicacies.

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St. Martin's Day celebrations are not only held in all Slovenian wine-growing regions, but actually everywhere from the Mediterranean Sea to the Pannonian Plain. It is true, however, that you will experience St. Martin's Day celebrations in the most authentic way if you spend time among the vineyards and winemakers, where the wine actually comes from.

Author: Danila Golob

Date: 11. November 2022

Time to read: 1 min