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Slovenian investigative art

We all know Slovenian artists and researchers. What about Slovenian investigative artists? Some of them have been engaged in contemporary investigative art over the past twenty years, pushing the boundaries of understanding the modern technological world.

"Their works of art, with their own poetics and techno-culture emerging from the new findings in advanced computer science, telecommunications, social networks, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology and other interesting intersections between biological vitality and cybernetics, have contributed to some of the greatest cultural breakthroughs of our time," explained the artistic director of the Kersnikova Institute and KONS project programme manager, Jurij Krpan.

Pushing the boundaries

You may wonder what art and science have in common. The two share a thirst for exploration, discovery and creation that impels both artists and scientists to better understand and change the world today. Scientists use their research work to create knowledge, while artists are guided by their sensibility to examine the world that science reveals to us and to concurrently open up the aesthetic, behavioural and ethical issues arising from the use of the latest technologies, says Krpan.

  • 01 Marcel.Li Antunez Roca  Mut foto Igor Andjelic

    The long term goal is to improve the investigative art.Photo: Igor Andjelic

Slovenia seeks to advance the efforts in contemporary investigative art to a higher level, which is why September 2019 saw the launching of the Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art – KONS. The platform is co-financed by the European Cohesion Fund.

It serves as a network of arts and cultural organisations throughout Slovenia with the aim of developing capacities in this field and translating their outstanding creations into breakthrough ideas for innovations in the Slovenian economy.

According to Mr Krpan, the Kersnikova Institute is currently running eight European projects that are being implemented within the framework of the financial support mechanisms of Creative Europe, Horizon 2020 and the European Cohesion Fund. The long-term goal is to establish an international centre for contemporary investigative art that will enable us to capitalise on and improve our many years of successful work in the international arena.

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Author: Rok Hren

Date: 5. March 2020

Time to read: 2 min