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Le Potica, lovely miniature potica

Janja Štrumbelj, creator of Le Potica, lovely miniature potica pastries that have been successfully promoting Slovenia in recent years, on how to succeed in your attempt at baking this traditional Slovenian pastry. In the video, she explains how to bake a quick and always fresh potica with as little waste as possible. Culinary trends are oriented towards the principle of “less is more”, with more and more desserts being offered in single servings; potica should be no exception, she says. One day, she found the perfect little cake tins at the store and that’s how it all started. It turned out that Slovenian companies were even more interested in the little potica pastries than tourists, mainly as business gifts. They love to bring potica on their business trips abroad and these tiny potica pastries are the perfect size. The majority of the sales are business gifts. Le Potica comes in six different flavours: walnut, tarragon, poppy seed, hazelnut, chocolate and plum.

Author: Janja Štrumbelj

Date: 10. April 2020

Time to read: 26 min