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Joint exhibition of three Slovenian museums on Alma M. Karlin in Frankfurt

Three Slovenian museums, the Celje Regional Museum, the Celje Museum of Contemporary History and the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum, will present a joint exhibition on the writer Alma M. Karlin in Frankfurt in September. The exhibition will be on show at Frankfurt's Haus am Dom - Katholische Akademie Rabanus Maurus from 15 September to 23 November.

Ever-topical questions about positions of power, the role of tradition, gender issues and social inequalities

The temporary exhibition, entitled Alma Maksimilijana Karlin (1889-1950), - Writer, is linked to Slovenia's honourary guest appearance at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair and will highlight Karlin's literary trajectory and its intertwining in time and space. The exhibition builds on highlighted quotations from the writer's literary works, which she uses to challenge ever-topical questions about positions of power, the role of tradition, gender issues and social inequalities.

The 36 first editions of Karlin's books are presented in the main part of the exhibition, with selected accompanying material. These include first editions from an earlier period, travelogues from the 1930s, which are her most important and best-known works, and books first published after her death. The material on display shows the links and efforts between Karlin, her works, various publishing houses and critics.

The authors of the exhibition are Marija Počivavšek, Stane Rozman and Tanja Roženbergar.

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Alma, the Irresistible Woman

The exhibition content is linked by contemporary art-literary reflections: enlargements of illustrations and a selection of originals by the artist Huiqin Wang, drawn for the picture book Little Alma on the Great Road and completed for the animated short film project Alma, the Irresistible Woman, and copies of the comic biography Weltbürgerin aus der Provinz by Marijan Pušavec and Jakob Klemenčič.

The title of the exhibition Alma Maximilijana Karlin - Writer / Alma Maximilijana Karlin - Schriftstellerin takes the title on Alma's original business card, which she used to introduce herself, and reflects her main goal in life - writing.

Alma M. Karlin (1889-1950), world traveller, writer, polyglot, theosophist, cosmopolitan, born in Celje, poured her life story, often misunderstood, and her experiences of eight years of travelling around the world to distant places and among strange people into her literary works.

Source: STA

Author: Vesna Žarkovič

Date: 14. September 2023

Time to read: 2 min