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We Slovenians are proud of our rich tradition of viticulture. Late summer and early autumn are the best time for wine growers to harvest the fruits of their labours. Harvest is also an opportunity for socialising, networking and preserving Slovenia's cultural heritage.

Winegrowing in Slovenia has deep roots dating back to Roman times.

Today, 52 grape varieties grow here and can be tasted at 28,000 wine cellars.

Many families with small vineyards produce wine for their own needs.

  • A vine with grapes, bathed in sunshine.

    Grapes are usually harvested between late August and mid-October. Photo: Vid Ponikvar, Sportida d.o.o./

There are three winegrowing regions in Slovenia, which differ mainly in terms of location, growing conditions and climate. These factors influence the characteristics and qualities of the wines produced in each location. The three regions comprise nine wine-growing districts, namely Podravje, which includes Styria and Prekmurje, Posavje, which includes Bizeljsko-Sremič, Dolenjska and Bela Krajina, and the Littoral wine-growing region, which includes the Vipava Valley, Goriška Brda, Karst and Slovenian Istria.

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From grapes to wine

Grapes are usually harvested between late August and mid-October, depending on the weather conditions and the grape variety. The vineyards are very cheerful at harvest time. Vintners and their family members and friends gather in the vineyard, equipped with baskets, scissors and good spirits. Grapes are carefully removed from the vines and placed in baskets. The harvested grapes are then inspected and sorted. The process of pressing, fermenting and ageing the wine in the cellar continues throughout the annual cycle.

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This is a time for people to work together, share experiences and learn from the older generations. The harvest is also an occasion for many social events, such as the Old Vine Festival, traditional farm picnics, musical performances and visits to the wineries.

Author: Danila Golob

Date: 29. September 2023

Time to read: 2 min