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Ljubljana Castle is one of the most prominent sights of Ljubljana and an important cultural venue. It bestows a special magic touch on the Slovenian capital. Castle Days take place every May to commemorate 16 May 1905, when the mayor at that time, Ivan Hribar, purchased the castle from the state authorities and began its renovation.

  • An old  postcard with view on the castle and houses and photo of the man

    A postcard with image of Ljubljana and the photo of the major Ivan Hribar. Photo: wikipedia

Visionary mayor

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History of the castle

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  • Man and woman in medevial clothes and a castle behind them

    Time Machine will lead visitors on a guided tour through six decisive periods that have marked the history of Ljubljana Castle and the development of Ljubljana. At each of the time stations, visitors will be met by a figure who will presenting his or her period. Photo: Miha Mally

Castle attractions

Many new castle attractions are being developed in addition to the legends and interesting curiosities that may or may not be true, e.g. the story about Erazem of Predjama who escaped the castle prison through a toilet and was later shot in the toilet at his Predjama Castle near Postojna, and the stories about the hidden castle well, the Roman temple, castle pipers and a secret tunnel.

  • A medevial castle on the rock

    Predjama Castle Photo: Alen Kosmač/

  • Castle Wine Bar and Shop Strelec. Photo Miha Mally 1

    Castle Wine Bar and a shop. Photo: Miha Mally

Castle Days

All castle stories and legends are brought to life every May, on the occasion of the anniversary. A medieval camp is set up on the Castle Hill, where various scenes from castle life unfold. In two days, the visitors can learn about castle dances, observe falconers and admire falcons flying over Ljubljana Castle, watch the fencing of knights, try on armour and enjoy the shenanigans of jugglers and performances by magicians.

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  • A man and a woman sitting on the thrones in front of a castle

    Count and countess Photo: Blaž Žnidaršič

Author: Tanja Glogovčan Belančić

Date: 15. May 2024

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