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With love for the homeland: 30 Peaks for 30 Years

Slovenia is a visionary state. The 30th anniversary of Slovenia is celebrated by all Slovenes - those living at home and abroad. Peaks and years - in 30 years of independence, Slovenes have accomplished many things, seeded many positive surprises, many first-time visitors keep coming back, Slovenes have reinforced their position vis-a-vis other countries in many areas e.g. tourist opportunities, unspoiled nature, language specificities, culinary delights. Our athletes have been conquering the peaks, artists have been inspiring other world-renowned artists and our politicians have been representing Slovenia on the diplomatic floor in most favourable light.

Upon marking the 30th anniversary of independent Slovenia, the Communication Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia has created a project entitled 30 Peaks for 30 Years. The underlying idea is to interconnect the values ​​of independence and the I Feel Slovenia green brand.

Step by step

Slovenians are an Alpine nation - hiking, climbing, and mountaineering are our preferred ways to spend free time. We like hills and mountains, they are in our genes, they are our heritage, our present and future. In the past, it was on these very mountains and hills that Slovenes fought for and won independence and autonomy through perseverance. Moreover, they are embellished with symbolism, as on the 30th anniversary of the state independence, Slovenia is at the summit of the European Union. We have linked the project to the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, and thus added an international dimension.

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In cooperation with the Alpine Association of Slovenia and the Slovenian Mountaineering Club Skala - mountaineering club association, we have selected a set of 30 peaks. There's a story, and many curiosities, behind every one of them. The peak selection covers peaks throughout Slovenia, and offers something for everyone. The majority of them can be explored all year round. The selection of peaks is regionally dispersed and of great national significance. After all, Slovenians fought their way to freedom on these very mountains and hills. For example, Cesarski vrh is a forested hill in Notranjska, where the Territorial Defence stopped the armoured units of the Yugoslav People's Army on 2 July 1991. A memorial plaque of the Slovenian Armed Forces is placed at the top of Cesarski vrh to commemorate this event. The Gotenica area had been a military zone until independence. Krvavec is more than just a popular ski resort and visitor attraction in the summer, as it was actually an enemy target during the war of independence. The Yugoslav People's Army attacked the Krvavec broadcasting centre. On Kum, or Zasavski Triglav as it is often called by the locals, there is a television transmitter that was of strategic importance during the war of independence. The Zasavje Regional Association of Veterans of the War for Slovenia placed a monument on the transmitter, to commemorate two air raids during the Slovenian War of Independence. After independence, Donačka gora was declared a natural monument. It was also the first marked tourist and mountain trail in Slovenia. Črni vrh is the highest peak in Pohorje, which is a popular hiking spot for the inhabitants of the town along the banks of the Drava river. In winter, it hosts the Golden Fox skiing competition. The way up to Črni vrh leads through forests, meadows and past many homesteads.

Furthermore, we have published a stamp book in which hikers can collect stamps; those who receive stamps from all 30, 20 or 10 selected peaks will receive a token prize. Hikers are invited to take a photo or create a short video clip on the selected peaks, which would then be published on government social networks and on the 30 years of independent Slovenia website.

  • Lisca

    Lisca is one of the points of the extended Slovenian Mountain Trail. Photo: Jošt Gantar/

Stamp book

The booklet offers interesting suggestions on where to go on a Sunday trip. We wish you great pleasure and many outstanding experiences in conquering the peaks. Enjoy nature, be proud of the history of independence, let the Slovenian cultural heritage enrich you and let physical activity strengthen your mind, body, and soul. The trails leading to the 30 peaks will reward you with magnificent views and fresh air; moreover, you can experience the bravery and determination of Slovenes 30 years ago, when a decision of having an independent state was merely a wish - some of them sacrificed their lives for an independent state.

Author: Vesna Žarkovič, Tanja Glogovčan Belančić

Date: 25. May 2022

Time to read: 2 min