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I FEEL SLOVENIA while studying in Slovenia

“Congratulations, your application for the study programme of your choice has been approved”. This is the sentence every young person hopes to receive in a letter from their chosen university.

Then imagine this university being in a safe, green, diverse and welcoming country like Slovenia, where we value education as something that is accessible to all and where the status of a student comes along with many benefits.

Study in Slovenia website

Let us therefore see how a student goes from their own comfortable home to holding a letter of acceptance. We know leaving home and everything familiar is hard to do, but there are many things that will make your time at university in Slovenia more pleasant. Choosing the right study programme can sometimes be difficult, but since all the programmes are listed and described, and the institutions here to assist, your choice will be made easier.

The Study in Slovenia website offers comprehensive information on the study programmes, institutions, programmes in English, tuition fees, funding, living in Slovenia and anything else you might need to know before coming here. There are also sections on the possibilities of going on exchange programmes like Erasmus+ or CEEPUS, which often lead to full time study options. Universities and faculties are here to help, and there are many student testimonials that may additionally motivate you and give you the needed boost of courage.

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Slovenian student life and our application system “eVŠ”

Once you select the right study programme, we offer an online national application system called the “eVŠ” through which every student needs to apply.

There are also instructions, video and online help should you need it. Application and enrolment procedures normally begin in February and continue until September every year, but bear in mind institutions may have different deadlines and there are different calls for various levels of study.

Check with your selected higher education institution for more detailed information. At the time of your application, your high school diploma is not needed, but it will be required at the time of enrolment.

Once you are a student here in Slovenia, you will get many benefits, such as access to the excellent system of food coupons, many discounts for travel and other activities, access to libraries, the possibility of doing student work and much more.

We have a special tutor/buddy system welcoming and integrating you into Slovenian student life. Of course, you will have plenty of social and extracurricular activities, project work, research opportunities and much more to choose from.

  • Foreign student Arsen

    Arsen Matej Golubovik is a student at the University of Primorska. Photo: Personal archives

Student stories

Having heard so many positive and inspiring stories from foreign student, we believe yours could be one of them. Our slogan is “Think brilliantly, live beautifully, learn fully” and we are certain your study in Slovenia will make these words come true.

Arsen Matej Golubovik, N. Macedonia: "I always knew I wanted to study computer science, a simple Google search revealed all the suitable universities in Slovenia and all the websites had a version in English, while for the information I could not find online I called the universities and they were really helpful.

When I decided I wanted to study abroad, I didn't want to go far, Slovenia was the perfect choice, both regarding distance and quality. 

It's really important to carefully read everything while enrolling and call your university if something is unclear. In my first try at enrolling, I failed to deliver some documents and were rejected; but on my second try, I got it right. Also, make sure you check out all of the options and compare all the faculties to find where you fit best.

Universities are not a one for all thing, different universities have different things and policies, which might make them more or less appealing to you personally. Make sure you do the research and find where you fit best, if something is not clear you can always call the university or send them an email."

Kuljeet Kaur Sidhu, India: "When I came here, I was not able to enroll into the second year because I had fewer ECTS than required. Then I took some additional exams and when I came here, I went through the enrollment procedure.

The university gave me permission to continue to the second year and one of the good things is that they were very cooperative and helpful for students who needed assistance in this process."

  • Foreign student Kuljeet Kaur Sidhu

    Kuljeet Kaur Sidhu from India is a student at the University of Maribor. Photo: Personal archives

Author: Marja Medved

Date: 24. February 2020

Time to read: 2 min