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Blood donation saves lives

Our blood is an irreplaceable medicine and one of the most precious things we can give to someone. The number of blood donors in Slovenia is growing every year, which is proof that solidarity and helping others are our values we cherish.

Blood donation is an important part of the healthcare system in Slovenia. It has a long tradition, as the first bottle of blood was preserved 75 years ago. Approximately 100,000 voluntary blood donors donate blood every year, which ranks Slovenia within the European average. More importantly, however, Slovenia is self-sufficient in its blood supply requirements. This means that the Slovenian healthcare system's needs for blood are fully met.

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    Infographic: Irena Kogoj

Blood donation sessions

The Slovenian Red Cross is responsible for recruiting and ensuring a sufficient number of blood donors and has also been the national blood donation session organiser for the past 67 years. The blood transfusion service is responsible for the collection, processing, testing and supply of blood and blood products.

  • Doctor holding vial with blood sample

    The transfusion service's task is to provide a sufficient quantity of safe and adequate blood to ensure that blood recipients receive the best possible treatment with blood. Photo: choja-GettyImages/GulliverFilm&Foto

Every year, around 1,180 blood donation sessions are held, which take place in transfusion institutions and in the field. As much as 45% of blood is collected at field blood-donation sessions throughout Slovenia.

Annually, as many as 97,000 blood donation collections are carried out and 200,000 blood components are prepared.

The processing of blood into components is performed at the Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia in Ljubljana, the Transfusion Medicine Centre at the Maribor University Medical Centre and the Transfusion Centre at Celje General Hospital.

Being a blood donor

Voluntary blood donation is an invaluable source of ensuring access to high-quality and safe blood and blood products, both in normal and emergency situations.

For the needs of Slovenian healthcare and sufficient blood supply, between 350 and 400 blood donors are needed daily to contribute to the preservation of people's health and to the prevention of death by donating their blood voluntarily.

Even though Slovenia's needs are met, on average around 10% of new blood donors per year are recorded in Slovenia.

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The mass participation in blood donation sessions shows that blood donation remains Slovenia's largest solidarity campaign.

World Blood Donor Day on 14 June is an opportunity to thank everyone who takes part in blood donation sessions and donates their blood for fellow human beings.

We can be proud that Slovenia has such a well-developed blood donation programme with a long and successful tradition, a well-built blood donation system and a sufficient number of blood donors.

Author: Danila Golob

Date: 11. June 2020

Time to read: 2 min