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Swarco LEA - making the travel experience safer

Swarco Lea specialises in the development and manufacture of LED displays for traffic systems. It is the leading European manufacturer of mobile LED signs with changing content. It is present on all continents with its products.

In addition, it also produces LED displays for informing passengers and LED displays for parking lots. It is a highly development- and innovation-oriented company that continuously develops its technology though its internal research and development department.

It builds and prepares products for future integration into smart environments.

The company uses a patented optical system for its products, which ensures minimum energy consumption to maximise the duration of product autonomy and extends the life of electronic components and the orientation of light from LEDs in a certain direction, which reduces light pollution.

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The company has already received several awards for its work, including the Gorenjska Gazelle Award 2006 and the FDI Award 2019 in the field of "smart" product and service development.

Mobile LED signs

The breakthrough solution with which it became an ambassador of the Slovenian economy is its interactive mobile LED signs with changing content. What is this all about?

An interactivemobile LED sign with changing content is a smart product with many functionalities designed to be used in numerous applications.

These include information from road users about current events, road conditions, assessment of the travel time on a certain route, detection of the speed of passing vehicles, monitoring traffic conditions via CCTV camera, communication with vehicles and infrastructure via ITS-G5 technology and similar.

  • Swarco 01 mala

    An interactivemobile LED sign. Photo: LEA Swarco archives

Such a mobile LED sign can operate in autonomous mode, or be controlled locally using a dedicated application or remotely from the control centre. It sounds complicated, but nonetheless is user friendly.

With the help of integrated sensor units, it also monitors the current conditions on the road section and communicates them in the form of generally understood information or instructions to traffic users in real time.

Based on this system, the company has made our travel routes safer and more predictable, and the journey itself takes less time with less environmental pollution. The environmental aspect is worth stressing: the patented optical system also ensures minimum energy consumption and reduces light pollution.

Author: Polona PreŇ°eren

Date: 26. May 2020

Time to read: 1 min