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Ana Roš again among the best chefs in the world

Chef Ana Roš has once again been ranked among the ten best chefs in the world, as chosen by culinary connoisseurs The Best Chef Awards. Placed ninth, she is the highest placed woman in the ranking.

Roš dropped two places in the ranking, but still remains the only Slovenian in the top ten. In addition, this year she is the recipient of the first The Best Chef Pristine Award, which is given to chefs who swear by carefully selected local products in their work and use a wide network of local farmers and growers.

Roš is known, among other things, for cooperation with local farmers and supporting sustainable farming. Her team added that this award highlights the chef's dedication to using the best, locally produced ingredients.

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»This is the most beautiful award I could get,« Roš told STA, adding that all her occasional »nightmares« when wondering whether she and her team can succeed are somehow repaid with this. She thanked the Slovenian Tourist Organisation »for standing behind Slovenian gastronomy«, and at the same time stressed: »I encourage the prime minister to keep his eye on what we do, because sooner or later we may need even more help.«

The high recognition comes only two weeks after it became known that Roš and Hiša Franko had been awarded two Michelin stars for the third year in a row.

The best chefs in The Best Chef Awards were proclaimed at a ceremony in Madrid.

Author: STA

Date: 22. September 2022

Time to read: 2 min