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InstaText - Slovenian Start:up of the Year 2020

By using artificial intelligence and language technologies, InstaText’s online platform automatically improves texts in different languages. It creates recommendations and ideas on how to improve the content and make it more readable and understandable. It corrects grammatical errors and enriches your writing, all in just a few seconds.

The company is involved in the development of automated text enhancement services in various languages. The international team consists of top experts in artificial intelligence, language technologies, natural language processing and software development.

The initial idea came from Dr Matej Guid, a Slovenian expert in the field of artificial intelligence, while Dr Marcus Hassler, an expert in the field of language technologies from Austria, also plays an important role in the development of the text improvement technology.

The majority of the team is from Slovenia.

  • Dr Matej Guid and Dr Marcus Hassler

    Dr Matej Guid, an expert in the field of artificial intelligence from Slovenia, and Dr Marcus Hassler, an expert in the field of language technologies from Austria. Photo: InstaText archives

Written communication as the basis of success

Dr Matej Guid, director and co-founder of InstaText, believes that clear and effective written communication is the key to success, both of an individual and of a society, adding, "With the support of artificial intelligence, we can raise the level of communication to a much higher level. We can thus write texts in English as if we were born and raised in England. InstaText helps us to achieve this."

In addition to correcting grammatical errors, InstaText also enriches the text by offering suggestions to improve the vocabulary and make more appropriate use of words.

If necessary, it transforms the whole sentence and puts it into the context of the text. It creates significantly more ideas and offers "deeper" ways to improve the text than any tools currently available. "In a way it represents a competent interlocutor with whom we improve our texts in real time, but of course, as the authors of the text we can choose to agree or disagree with its suggestions," explains Dr Matej Guid.

  • InstaText on laptop

    InstaText offers suggestions to improve a text’s vocabulary and use of language, as well as correcting grammatical errors. Photo: InstaText archives

The innovative online platform is intended for all who use written language in their professional communication, including those working at international companies, translation agencies, public relations agencies, law offices, government institutions, and press agencies, as well as professional authors and individuals involved in academic writing.

A successful start and ambitious plans

In just the first three months of launching the InstaText online platform, it gained more than 5,000 active users from over 50 countries.

The view that InstaText is something new, special and has rapid growth potential, was also made by the Slovenian Start:up committee in 2020: "It is a company that has long-term ambitions, the potential to grow globally, a great competitive advantage in its niche, stands firmly on its feet and as the last – but very important fact for Slovenia – it is a part of the wider community, from which it draws first and then, on the path of success, returns to it."

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"The Slovenian Start:up Award represents an exceptional encouragement and confirmation that the seeds our ideas have fallen on fertile ground," says Dr Matej Guid proudly. He is already planning new ventures:

"Our intention is to support all the world’s most important languages. This year we also plan to offer the improvement of texts in German, although we are currently focusing on English, and on further improvements to the web application. These will enable users to better adapt the tool to their needs and style of writing."

Start using InstaText: free trial is available at

Author: Danila Golob

Date: 4. August 2020

Time to read: 3 min