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A day dedicated to Primož Trubar

8 June is the day dedicated to Primož Trubar. The date of his alleged birth was chosen as the memorial day of the founder of the literary Slovene language and the initiator of the formation of the consciousness of the unity of the Slovene cultural, linguistic and political space.

This day commemorates the exceptional importance of Trubar and his creative oeuvre for the Slovenian nation. The national holiday was initiated in 2008 by the writer Boris Pahor, who died last year, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Trubar's birth. The decision to establish a national holiday was taken in 2010.

Trubar, born in 1508 in Rašica, is considered one of the central figures of Slovenian cultural and other history. He served as a priest in Slovenia and Germany. As a supporter of the teachings of Martin Luther, he spread the Protestant faith and, following the ideas of the Reformers that religious books should be in the vernacular language, began to write Slovenian books, among the first of which were the Katekizem and the Abecednik. He died in 1586.

  • The Primož Trubar monument in Ljubljana.

    Trubar is considered to be the founder of the Slovene literary language, a central figure in Slovene cultural history, and in many ways even the main historical figure. Photo: Bor Slana/STA

Trubar worked mostly in Ljubljana, where he became a preacher around 1535 and a cathedral canon in 1542. He was the founder and superintendent (1561-1565) of the Protestant Church in Carniola. In 1564 he issued the Church Ordnung, a church order. Because he encroached on the powers of the Prince of Carniola, he was finally expelled from Carniola in 1565 - he visited it only once more. After that, he lived and served in Wurttemberg, Germany, until his death.

Author: Vesna Žarkovič

Date: 6. June 2024

Time to read: 1 min