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Ukraine too helping Slovenia in the aftermath of floods

Aid from abroad keeps coming to the flood-struck Slovenia, including from the war-torn Ukraine. A convoy of five excavators and 14 other vehicles with crews to be used in the Upper Savinja Valley has already arrived in Slovenia, accompanied by a civil protection team.

After 16 hours' drive, a convoy of heavy machinery arrived in Slovenia from Uzhhgorod in Ukraine to help us in the Upper Savinja Valley. Prime Minister Robert Golob and Ukrainian Ambassador to Slovenia Andriy Taran welcomed the Ukrainian Civil Protection team at the Tepanje motorway rest area.

"Ukraine has sent its best unit, which is fully self-sufficient and has all the necessary modules. I am therefore confident that it will be able to help in the toughest places," Prime Minister Golob expressed his gratitude for the assistance.

A team of 51 members from the Ukrainian National Emergency Service will be assisting with five excavators and fourteen other vehicles to clear debris and clean up the aftermath of the floods in the Upper Savinja Valley. This same team helped, among other things, to deal with the flooding in the wake of the destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine in June this year, and now they will share their experience and knowledge with us. 

The assistance between Slovenia and Ukraine is mutual, as Slovenia has already provided humanitarian, material and military assistance to Ukraine. 

 "I have said many times that we truly appreciate the support we have received from Slovenia," said Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Taran. He added that Slovenia is a good friend of Ukraine and can always count on its support.

The Slovenian Prime Minister expressed his special thanks to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who personally ordered the deployment of aid despite the fact that the country has been at war for almost a year and a half.

Author: UKOM

Date: 12. August 2023

Time to read: 2 min